ready2please (ready2please) wrote in water_sports,

I think it is safe to say that I like Piss!Play. First time ever this morning...

Apparently I will try anything once. 


I have seen a few Piss Play videos and hadn’t really done anything like that except a couple of times peed on my hand while I was going to the bathroom or sticking my fingers in my pussy while I was going to the bathroom and peeing on my hand while I rubbed my clit with the other hand.


I have also done both of those things just standing in the shower with the water running.


The two videos that got me going with this piss thing were these. One a young woman with a tank top on is almost completely inverted on a kitchen chair peeing on her self to the point she is like a garden sprinkler and there isn’t a dry spot on her shirt or her face. Wow, she is very coordinated. The other one was about an hour long and a series of girl/girl golden showers with their panties and peeing on each others tits; a few solo girl things one of which included a dildo and one the girl was wearing clear plastic adult panties and the piss just filled them up; and finally 3 girls pissing on one guy and he jacks off in their piss streams until he cums all over one’s ass. Fuck that was hot.


So this morning I am home alone and for some reason while I am drinking my fourth cup of coffee I realize I haven’t gone to the bathroom yet. Maybe my subconscious mind had plans. So I decide that my conscious mind needs to get in on this act and I also drink four huge glasses of water.



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