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Just joined here.  My name is Sammy, I'm 22, and have been into piss for a couple of years now. I really need to piss right now but my boyfriend needs to tell me when I can go. Haven't been since 7:00pm GMT.
I'm extremely desperate.
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Gotta love a girl into piss. Its awesome. What have ya done with it
:D It is awesome. A lot of desperation, it gets me so hot and horny. Being peed on and peeing on people. Domination and humiliation. Occasionally I'll allow myself to be submissive.
I also love peeing in public. What about you?
I would love to see a girl pee in public, take her out like she was a dog and have her pee. I like being peed on by a female and pissing on females wherever i please. Or sticking it up her ass and peeing. or in the pussy, or cumming in her mouth and washing it down with piss.
Sammy, are you a male or a female? I am intrigued.
I am female. Sorry, should have stated that.
Your fantasies sound delicious.

I've fantasized about piss play for the last year, but I haven't found anyone to practice it with yet. Your post just gets the engines running again.