fuzzi_slippa (fuzzi_slippa) wrote in water_sports,

Feels Good

One of my favorite things to do is find a chair without a cushion, (I find my wood kitchen chairs to be the best).
I sit on one of them.. lean forward and piss for a bit. I then start rubbing my swollen clit until i can't stand it any longer.
I then start grinding on the chair.. going back n' forth.. and back n' forth.. pissing off and on.. Until I break out into
a Moaning and shouting orgasm. 

I also love to soak my bed sheets, and soak my tight thong.. once my thong is totally wet..
I enjoy rubbing the soaked thong unto my clit and let out some more piss.
The mixture of cum and piss is amazing.. the smell is delicious.

Mmmmm... Makes me want to rub my nice thick wad right now while typing this.

This community is hott.. I am glad I found it.
Anyways who wants to join my journal is welcome..
But you have to share your exotic photos/videos or stories.

Tell me more about these hott things you all do while pissing like crazy!!

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