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Yesterday I peed my pants a little at school. My long shirt covered anything. I put my clothes in the wash when I got home, except my underwear. I wore, and napped in them.
When I woke up I put on a pair of faded blue jeans, my white "I LOVE PEE" shirt, and stood over the tub. I relaxed and peed my pants. The stain went to my right knee, and dripped out of my left pant leg. Nice wetting. I let things drip out for a bit, then sat at the computer to study for my midterm. Didn't change clothes, or nothing. There I sat in my peed pants, and damp shirt bottom with a fan blowing on me for the rest of the night. My pants dried. I love the look, feel, and smell of dried peed pants. Feel stiff where it was wet. That nice faded stain down my pants.
At 11:45 PM it was time for me to ride my bike to the bank. The only clothing adjustment I made was to put on socks. And, boy, did I have to pee. I was dancing around my apartment, bouncing in place to keep from rewetting my pants. I either wanted to have a real accident, or a controlled one in front of witnesses. Didn't think the witness thing was gonna happen at this time of night, but in case...
I didn't quite make it. While locking the door a jet of pee shot out. I looked down and saw a wet spot to the right of my fly. And that popcorny smell of rewet jeans hit me. Ooooo, I wanted to release it all there! But I held on.
I rode my bike to the bank, a 5 mile ride. At some stoplights I stood up. And when I left the bike seat a thick stream of pee shot out uncontrollably. I muttered, "Shit! I'm pissing myself!" Then sat back on the seat. I looked down during my ride. The stain spread out at my crotch, and only went down my leg a little. "Dammit," I said out loud, "I'm such a pissy mess."
Deposited my money, lost control for a little bit when I got off the bike. Now the restain was starting to run down my legs. I started the 5 mile ride home. I stopped at a bus stop to take a picture. I wet my pants some more. I'm surprised I didn't blast a hole through my jeans it came out so hard. The camera, however, was loaded with dead batteries. I put a stop to my wetting, and got back on my bike. Save my pee in case there's someone to see me have a humiliating wetting accident. Nobody out at 1:30 AM, as I figured.
When I neared home I stopped at a bus stop. Got off my bike and stood there. I was surprised at how much traffic there was at 1:30 AM. It wasn't busy, but there was always a car going by.
I got off the bike, and stood right out in front of the stop by the street, wearing my partially rewet pants and pee-shirt. I relaxed, and piss shot out of me like a firehose at full blast. I looked down in mock humiliation as I watched my pants get wetter and wetter. Some went down the right leg, but most went down the left. At first streaks started down my left leg, then it spread until it was solid wet. Piss just kept pouring out of me. My pants started to tug on my waist as they got heavier and heavier with pee. Cars passed by as my soaked pants shimmered in the streetlight and passing headlights. My right leg was wet to my ankle, but my left side...my shoe started to get wet, pee started to fill the left one. A puddle formed at my feet, my left sock was soaked.
It was one of those pisses where you think you're done, but you're not. The pressure in your bladder goes away, the jet eases, but you've still got a decent flow trickling out. It was probably 15 seconds of that last long trickle.
There I was, standing at a bus stop in a puddle of my piss in my repeed pants. They were so heavy, so soaked. I felt pee slosh in my left shoe. I took a step back, and as I walked back to my bike I felt my left shoe squoosh with each step. I was so fucking hot! I gave real thought to masturbating right there in the street, but I never got a break in traffic.
I climbed back on my bike. The legs of my pants stuck to me. There was a squish from my pants when I sat on the seat.
I started pedaling. The wind hitting my sopping pants felt soooooo good! Peed pants rubbing against my legs...mmmmmmm....
I couldn't take it. I pulled into a nearby park, found a dark section, and pulled my shirt up to take my cock out and start stroking. Problem was as soon as I touched my pants to unbutton and unzip I felt the soppingness of them and I couldn't stop running my hands over my pissy pants. I kept rubbing my crotch, I started humping my hand. I was standing in my heavy piss SOAKED pants, my squishy shoe, my drenched sock, rubbing myself through my pants. The feeling, the smell, the public humiliation of a huge wetting accident. It all got to me and I came in my peed pants.
I stood there recovering from the shuddering orgasm in my pants for a minute. I Pureled my hands, got on my bike, and finished my ride home. My pants were so wet they squeaked as I peddled.
When I got home and got off my bike I could feel pee pool up around my toes with each step of my left shoe. Trying to avoid getting pee on the rug, I hopped on my right foot to the shower. I got a good look in the light at what I had done. Even still my pants were a little shiney. My sock, soaked, drench, sopping, all of those combined. When I took it off some pee still dripped out. I held it over my waist and wrung it out over my pants. Managed to squeeze a few drops out of the cuff of my left pant leg, too.
The feeling of letting it all out at the bus stop was great.
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